iButton allows you to test your speed, dexterity, endurance and competitive spirit against your self or friends in several different challenges. Play with up to 4 people simultaneously to see who is the master of the buttons!!

* Up to 4 players!
* React – Reaction time.
* Hold – How long can you hold that button?
* Press -Who can press the most buttons!


React is a reaction time tester. Who ever has the fastest time wins! If no one has completed the challenge after a minute the game will end in a draw. If the player presses the button too quickly they will fault, and the count down begins again.


Hold is the primary inspiration for the game. The objective of Hold is to hold the button down as long as possible. The game will continue until all players have released their own button. The player with the longest time will be the winner.


Press is an action game that players have to rapidly press their button as many times as possible in a short duration. The winner is the player who manages to press the button the most.


The multiplayer in iButton is limited to one device. Up to 4 players simultaneous on one screen.

If there is enough demand P2P support may be added.

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