iBurrito lets you see and create your own virtual Panchero’s burrito complete with a fresh-pressed tortilla, fresh ingredients and “Bobbed” (mixed) so that you taste every ingredient in every bite.

iBurrito is just like being at Panchero’s Mexican Grill, except YOU press your own tortilla from a fresh dough-ball. YOU pick up the spoon and scoop up all your favorite fresh ingredients. YOU pick up “Bob” and mix all your virtual flavors together. Then you roll up and seal your customized iBurrito creation to keep any ingredients from spilling out on your iPhone. When you’re done, share your iBurrito masterpiece on Twitter or Facebook. iBurrito’s are delicious! But since you can’t eat one, use the iBurrito app to find the Panchero’s Mexican Grill near you. It’s UNIQUE. It’s FRESH. It’s iBurrito!


– Pick from 14 different ingredients, including 4 homemade salsas, queso and guacamole

– Use the Panchero’s tortilla press, metal spoons AND the one and only “Bob the Tool”

– Create hundreds of different burrito flavor combinations

– Post your iBurrito creation on Twitter or Facebook

– GPS-powered store finder to locate the nearest Panchero’s Mexican Grill

– Google maps, directions and contact info for every store

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