Play quality Bridge on your own, or compete against others in online duplicate competitions. Challenging for the expert, helpful for the beginner, exciting for all!

“Simply Outstanding” Justin & Barbara Hackett – 1995 World Junior Bridge Champion and 2001 World Ladies Champion – current English and German Internationals.

– Powered by one of the world’s top-rated Bridge Engines: Q-Plus Bridge (Finalist in 2011 World Computer Bridge Championships)

– Play ‘Stand Alone’ in Rubber or Teams of Four (Duplicate) Mode.

– Online ‘Open’ competitions (up to 24 players) or exciting Head to Head competitions where the winner takes all.

Complimentary full and free access to over 2.5 Billion hands for 14 days, plus 10 Bonus iBridge Dollars to get you started playing in the online competitions.

After 14 days, you will be restricted to 12 hands in ‘stand alone’ mode but still have full access to the online competitions.

An in-app purchase is available which grants you unrestricted lifetime access to the 2.5 Billion hands across all IOS devices that you own.

– Intuitive, compelling and highly addictive interface.

– Extensive help, hint and explain features for beginners, Tournament Mode for the more serious players looking for a real challenge.

– Support for SAYC, Acol, 2/1, Precision Club and Standard American / Danish / French / German / Italian / Swiss bidding systems at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

– You can set North to bid like your favourite partner, and East / West like your most feared opponents.

– In-app manual and video tutorials


We have adopted a unique format for our online competitions in which internet connectivity is only required to (a) download the hands on to your device and (b) to submit your score sheet once all hands have been played. Makes such a refreshing change to be able to compete in online competitions without the tiresome hassle of poor and broken connections.

– Standard competitions for the experienced player, or dedicated Beginners competitions for the novices, all with the added spice of playing for iBridge Dollars.

The iBridge Dollar is a fictitious currency, used purely for the enhancement of your enjoyment of iBridgePlus. iBridge Dollars are not transferable or refundable.

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