( MAC OS Version is in mac app store. )
New HD cards for iPhone/iPad.
New AI Mode: a new AI engine added, in this mode, you play both declarer and dummy, iPhone/iPad play defenders. you can test your declarer play skills.
Main functions: AI engine, Auto Demo, Manual mode and SAVE.
iBridgeBest collects a lots of the best hands which includes:
1) The Best Played Hand of the Year (1974-2012)
2) The Best Defence of the Year(1985-2012)
3) The Best Play by a Junior(1996-2012)
4) The BOLS Brilliancy Prize(1977-1987)
5) The Best Play of the Year by a Woman(1985-1986)
6) 2011 Hand of the week (40 deals)
7) 2012 Hand of the week (40 deals)
8) 2013 Hand of the week (5 deals)
Main functions:
Four modes: demo, train, manual, AI.
AI mode(AI engine): in this mode, you play both declarer and dummy, iPhone/iPad play defenders. by touching the declarer or dummy’s card and the OK button to play.
Demo mode: the whole playing process trick-by-trick demo.
Auto demo: when in Demo mode, auto demo the playing process, touching any effective key to stop auto demo.
Train mode: trick-by-trick play, a message box will show you some important info.
Manual mode: by touching the card on the table, you can replay the hands.(if you play out the wrong card, touch the card, it will back to the position before played out.)
Deal: In Manual mode, after setting contract info, you can deal cards manually, then play the deal. (touch and retouch the letter or number to deal or withdraw the card)
SAVE function: In the manual mode, you deal a hand, when you finish playing , you can “SAVE” it in the iPhone or iPad. Then use the “Private” button to open and demo the hand. When you see a memorable play or good hands in one web, or in a game, or in a magazine, newspaper, you can enter it into your iPhone or iPad, to enjoy the good hands at any time.

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