iBots Time Bubbles

Puzzle Bobble and Bust-A-Move style bubble shooter.

450+ puzzles! Built-in easy to use level editor! Relaxed mode for endless play with increasing difficulty. Game Center support!

About the game:
Space Travelers have been captured by the iBots and frozen inside time bubbles. Free the travelers by matching 3 or more of the same colored bubbles. Shoot colored bubbles up from your launcher by tapping on the screen where you want the bubble to go. Press the FIRE button to launch the bubble.

iBots Time Bubbles plays very similar to Puzzle Bobble, Snood and Bust-A-Move. It is written specifically for the iPad. There are 3 modes to play in, Puzzle, Relaxed and My Levels. In Puzzle mode there are more than 450 levels to beat and a time bonus if a level is beat in a short time. In Relaxed mode there are unlimited levels and a shot bonus if you beat a level with fewer shots. In My Levels mode you play your own levels that you created with the easy to use editor. You have a set number of lives. When all lives are used up your score is reset to zero but you continue playing on the same level so your progress is not lost.

Scores are reported to Game Center so be sure to sign-in when playing the game. There are 12 leaderboards and 30 achievements.

Try the original iBots game too! Search for iBots in the App Store.

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