iBop 2.0 has just been released and can help you relieve a bit of stress by allowing you to take your frustrations out on that certain someone. Take a “Bop” at one of the built-in bags or better yet, take a picture of someone you know such as a boss, spouse, co-worker, etc and Bop them like crazy with a variety of weapons. Perhaps you’d like to watch an egg or tomato spatter on their face. Or maybe throwing shoes or a toaster at them is more your cup of tea. The possibilities are endless!


– Camera Images – Use the iPhone to take pictures of your boss, co-workers, friends, or whomever is adding stress to your life!

– Photo Library – Upload and use pictures out of your Photo Library!

– Over a dozen built-in caricatures to bop such as political parties, auto-makers and more!

– Downloadable Image Packs! (Coming soon)
Works with both iPhone and iPod Touch!

– Choose from 17 different weapons such as a Bat, Frying Pan, or toaster!

Please be sure to tell all your friends about iBop! We value your feedback!

Brought to you by SnakeHead Software, LLC
– It’s All Fun and Games!

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