iBomber Attack Lite

Get a FREE taste of the destructive power of iBomber Attack in this firepower packed game, spread across two sprawling levels.

Sample the action and adventure of iBomber Attack in this special free-to-play version: The enemy high command have retreated to a heavily fortified bunker.
Fight your way in and destroy their base!

iBomber Attack lite will immediately transport you into the thick of the high octane action with two special missions to complete.

Then download iBomber Attack on the App Store now!

Game Features:
● Universal build
● Tanktastic action
● Super smooth game-play
● 2 action packed missions
● Amazingly detailed graphics
● Collect Gold for extra respawns
● The satisfaction of blowing everything up!

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“iBomber®” is a registered trade mark and brand name of Cobra Mobile Limited.

Visit iBomberHQ.com for all your hints and tips.

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