iBacteria Attack!

Bacteria Attack is an amazing game that will introduce you into your blood stream, you need to help “Mikro” reach the the deepest parts of your body, several enemies on your way will try to stop you from succeeding.

✓ 2 scenarios
– Artery Recognition
– Stomach TRIP

– To survive (keep moving) you need to get the oxygen capsules.
– Tilt device from left to right to move “Mikro” accordingly
– To Inflate/Deflate (up/down) you need to pinch and stretch on “Mikro” (Feed/Pop)
– Make sure you don’t run out of energy

✓ Features:

– TOP quality images.
– Addicting Gameplay.
– Avoid parasites.

If you need assistance please contact us info@gp-imports.com
We will be adding additional apps soon!

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