Due to customer demands, instructions on how to play are now available on the website.

Play an ATC (Air Traffic Controller) for the arrivals of a busy airport with 3 types of planes arriving plus emergencies.

You can configure the maximum number of randomly generated planes will appear on your radar scope at one time. Direct them in for a landing, score a point, and get the rest of the planes in.

You name the feature you want to see and we’ll shoehorn it in there. ;-)

Landing Instructions:
They are given at start up but I’ll post it here as well as the website.

When the plane is close to being in line with a runway, hit the big white “COMMAND” button. From the popup, issue the vector command to the runway of your choice. Runway 36 is the runway on heading 360 for example (North) so you’d approach it from the South.

By the time the plane reaches the runway, it should be at 500 feet, at a speed of 150k or less, and on a heading within 30 degrees of the runway… so if you’re landing on 36L (or 36R) the plane should be on a heading between 350 and 10 degrees.

– You will be asked if you want to resume your game if you left off with planes on the screen previously.
– Added configuration options to the Settings Page.
– Added training mode to show the compass rose and runway markings.
– Added fuel emergency (configurable frequency).
– Added proximity detection.
– Added more sound effects.
– There are 3 plane types (different min and max speeds).
– A double tap on a plane will show speed range for that plane.
– Departures are added
– New scoring system designed
– New statistics page included

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