iAssociate 2 HD

“Way more fun than word association has any right to be. 4/4 Must Have!”
— SlideToPlay.com Review

iAssociate 2 is a word association game, where players have to figure out which words or phrases are associated to each other and was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America as a game that is great for keeping your brain sharp. iAssociate 2 has been developed as a family friendly game, and features extensive VoiceOver support to ensure that as many as possible can enjoy the game.

– Lots of content readily available
– More content added over time
– VoiceOver support
– Puzzles in various topics, such as Movies, Comics, Sports, Travel and much more!
– Free hints awarded to active users on a daily basis

What people say about iAssociate 2

– “Absolutely brilliant! My husband and I play together and always pull the other one through when stuck!”

– “Great to play with friends. I enjoy word games of all types but this thing takes the cake. If you possess any sort of intelligence, get this app, you won’t regret it.”

– “This app really challenges your mind. It make you think about stuff you probably learned in middle school. I think young and not so young should indulge in and enjoy this app. What better way to really exercise your mind?”

– “I really love this game! It was a lot of fun to think outside the box!”

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