“iArtWatch” provides more than 100 different elements in all colors
You can design 30000000 awesome watches within seconds!
What is more, every time you open “iArtWatch”, you will get an amazing random watch!

- Design and send your own watch elements to DDJJstudio@yahoo.com,
we will use those good ones to build the next version. =)

- You can design 30000000 interesting “iArtWatch”!
- More than 100 different watch elements!
- Most of the elements’ color can be change!
- Every time you open “iArtWatch”, you will get a new random watch!
- Slip the screen to change elements, and color!

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f555CX5fz-k&feature=channel_page
- Or,search “iArtWatch” in www.youtube.com