The “iAntz” is a fun game that gives you company, whether you are stuck in a boring meeting, with a talkative partner or in a long air flight. Whatever, be your reason, just turn on the “iAntz” and treat yourself with a heavy dose of amusement and thrill! Just keep your excitement controlled and no one will know!

These ants are the busiest creatures alive, moving continuously from one place to another. Alas! On their way is an Ant Trap that sucks in these ants if they are close to the trap. Now, you cannot let that happen, right? Tap/push the ants away from the trap and help them reach their destination without falling into the trap.

The “iAntz” games begin with an increasing number of ants, trying to move to the other end of your screen. On their way are some food and a trap. The goal of the game is to help ants find the food, and move to their destination, avoiding the trap. There are 6 lives available to be on the game and if you feed the ant with the food on the way, you have the chance to revive a lost life.

Are you ready to Race? Enjoy your escapade!

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