★ 完美呈現街機風采!隨時隨地的博彩體驗!正宗7PK清爽來襲!
★ 是的!馬上下載,把勁爆華麗的街機遊戲,讓精美絕倫的7PK撲克機帶給你最好的休閒生活,陪伴你每一個快樂的時光。


★ 如果你是7PK撲克機的老玩家,本遊戲不但完美呈現了街機的經典玩法,更讓你隨時隨地的、在任何環境下來拍兩手,爽兩把!下載7PK撲克機,一定是超值之選。

★ 如果沒有玩過7PK撲克機,你可以知道,本遊戲是一個曾經風靡南北的經典遊戲,不玩不知道,一玩就無法把手。 7PK撲克機的規則簡單、不但可以輕鬆上手、更能百玩不厭!7PK一定是你喜歡的遊戲。 7PK撲克遊戲,定會給你一份獨特的遊戲風采!

★ 請不要擔心遊戲幣不夠用,每天免費贈送給您多達3000個金幣,供你任意遊戲。 ★ ★為了讓你可以快速入門,我們更提供了牌組參照及遊戲說明,手把手帶你進入遊戲,快速體驗到7PK遊戲的樂趣。

★ 7PK撲克遊戲還提供了世界範圍內的排名系統,讓你可以一目了然,與世界範圍內的高手們一同競技,不是被他們超越,就是超越他們,努吧!


☻ 全面支持HD高清視網膜屏幕!
☻ 真實質感的街機體驗!盡情贏取大把的金幣!
☻ 每天免費贈送多達3500個金幣!
☻ 奢華絢麗的遊戲畫面、動感帶勁兒的音樂音效!
☻ 支持GameCenter、世界排名系統!
☻ 方便快捷的分享功能,幫助您一鍵分享成績到微博當中!

經典街機玩法完美呈現! !

Play Funny Game, Earn Big Money
Perfect presentation of the classic arcade game!
Online gambling game anytime and anywhere!
Fresh appearance of authentic 7PK game!
Come on! Download the game right now, the deluxe arcade game and funny 7PK poker game will offer you the most happy and leisure time each day!

Classice Game
The 7PK poker game not only makes the perfect presentation of the classic arcade game, but also allows you to play the game anytime and anywhere. If you are the regular player of the 7PK game, download it without any delay, the game must be your most favorable choice!
If you are strange to the 7PK poker game, you must be aware that this game is the classic game being popularized worldwide, we are sure you can’t stop playing it if you made a try!
The rules of the 7PK poker game is easy to be learnt, you won’t feel tired after playing hundreds of rounds.
7PK poker game must be your favorite game!
7PK poker game must provide you with an unique pleasant sense!

Personalized Design, Casual Game
Please don’t worry about your coins is not enough, we will give you 3,500 coins for free every day.
In order to give you a quick access to the game, we provide you with the Cards Reference together with the game instruction, both of which allow you to quickly learn the game and experience the pleasure from the 7PK poker game.

7PK poker game is also configured with the Worldwide Ranking System, you can compete with the master players worldwide, do your best to surpass them all.

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