Only 1.99$ for your experience in the best traditional Italian card game!

After the success of iScopa, iBriscola and iTressetteX4, finally iSettemezzo, the BlackJack played the Italian way!

With iSettemezzo you can now play “Sette e mezzo” – the famous traditional Italian card game – on your iPhone, iPod Touch or IPad.
Bet, call your cards, the highest score wins. But watch out, if you exceed 7½ you loose everything!

– up to 6 players on the same device
– several virtual opponents with 6 different strategy
– 12 original Italian decks
– custom rules setting
– custom currencies
– accounting: play with your friend and use the accountings to take note of everybody score
– exchangeable backgrounds
– sounds

Once again, doclouisjones brings to you the tradition of the Italian card games in a long-lived app!

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