In the early part of the 20th century, Five Hundred was the favorite social game of the United States. It was finally eclipsed by Bridge but is still played worldwide by millions, particularly in Australia. It was devised and introduced in 1904 in the United States. Five Hundred can be thought of as a combination of Euchre and Bridge.

Players around the world play five hundred with their own rules. And as I have discovered individuals play five hundred with their own rules. I am an Australian and the rules of i500 are the rules I have been brought up with. Customs setups can be made to adjust the rules to better match what your used to. I cannot create the options unless you ask for them.


* Full rules for my brand of Aussie 500.
* Details game stats.
* Full Hand history.
* WiFI/Bluetooth multi player.


That depends on you!! If there is enough interest I will include:

* Game center leader boards
* and of course suggestions

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