i'm Sudoku

I’m Sudoku is a very pure Sudoku game, without any interference. With simple interface it’s very simple to use. With interesting operation, it’s easy to get started. Light touching the way to use digital keyboard. Light touch on the screen to open digital keyboard to input, releasing the finger the keyboard will close immediately. Eliminating duplicate actions, let you be able to focus on your Sudoku thinking. If you can’t decide the final number, there’s mark function is this game. Each lattice can provide up to 4 marks. This is a concise and fun Sudoku game. If you love Sudoku, I’m Sudoku will let you love it more!

1. Provides 3 difficulty levels: easy, medium and difficult.
2. Interesting and convenient touch digital keyboard
3. Mark function, providing up to 4 marks on each lattice.
4. Timing function, you can know exactly how long each game played
5. Step recording, you can know clearly how much each game took steps.

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