I Wanna Be : Kitties Preschool

Kitty Kids : Wanna Be when i grow up!

It´s time to play! I wanna be game brings up the inspiration and dreams for preschoolers ages 2 and up. Kids love to drees up and imagine what they can be when they grow up. Now they can drees up 4 ages of kitty cats to over 30 professions…They can change every day! They can also be more than one profession at once if they like, they could be dancers/pirates/vet no problem! just open the magic suitcase and make all the cominations you like!

How to play:
1.- Choose/Select your kitty Cat
2.- Pick a hat and drag it to the head
3.- Pick a top and drag it to the kitty cat
4.- pick a bottom and drag it to the kitty cat
5.- when you finished dressing up, TAKE A PICTURE to store the combination! you can see your pics at the “see pictures” button in the menu
6.- If you dress with the same profession in the 3 parts, you will get a “dress alike doll” that will be stored in the shelfs at the “see dolls” button
7.- pick a object and drag it to the suitcase. You will see all of your objects in the “objects button”

Unlimited Play!!!!

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