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*** previously ranked TOP 10 in over 20 countries in the Strategy charts.
*** previously ranked TOP 10 in about 5 countries in the Arcade charts.
*** previously ranked TOP 50 in about 7 countries in the Games charts.

You’ve been dropped behind enemy lines, a lone soldier with an almost impossible task.
Your mission is to clear the locations of enemy insurgence.
Don’t fail!

Several Mission with more to come from future updates.
Unique gameplay experience.

*How To Play*
Simple, blast everything in sight! Take out as many enemies as possible!
Collect ammo and health pickups to keep your soldier prepared for the conflict.
Provision crates are scattered around the terrain, these may help you.
Everything that can be destroyed earns you points.
Avoid enemy vehicles.

Single tap – move soldier
Multiple tap – fire gun
Single tap on grenade – throw grenade in direction of soldier
Press and drag grenade – throw grenade in desired direction
Shake machine – pause game

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