i-Spy Football Stuff

i-Spy Football Stuff … including FREE i-Snap game.

Are we almost there yet?

Another “boring” journey?

Long away trip?

Plane delayed?

You need i-Spy Football Stuff…the first in a series of new i-Spy games.

Designed as a great time filler for you, your children, your mates!!

Release the “inner child” and play on your own (if you must!), with your family or with your friends.

Ideal for filling time on any journey – especially a long away trip to Sunderland or Norwich!!!

Spy the most unique number of team shirts, car mini-kits or any other club related item and score points against the other players.

Currently available as a Premier League Edition featuring all 20 teams in the top flight for season 2011/12.

PLUS – free copy of i-Snap “shirt matching” game. Play on your own anywhere, anytime. Great for improving your memory skills … and good fun too!

Also, watch out for future i-Spy Stuff releases including:

i-Spy Stuff – La Liga Edition
i-Spy Stuff – Bundesliga Edition
i-Spy Stuff – Serie A Edition

Plus …

i-Spy Stuff at the Airport
i-Spy Stuff on the Train
i-Spy Stuff in the Car

Visit www.ispy-stuff.co.uk for more information.

Suggestions and feedback can be sent to suggestions@ispy-stuff.co.uk

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