I Say Premium

From the developer: If you enjoyed the Free version of I Say, take the next step and support us by getting yourself a copy of I Say Premium.

Or, at the very least, if you’re tired of seeing advertisements–this version contains no advertisements.

* Now saves your settings.
* Added more sound effects! Enjoy Turkey sounds (just in time for Thanksgiving) and Galaxy sounds (laser guns and sabres).
* Added an “Insane” speed level for the brave souls.
* Now notifies you when “I Say” versus when “U Say.”
* Added an info section.
* Rearranged High score table layout.
* Rearranged labels and buttons to make room for more options.
* UI tweaks and enhancements.
* Memory management improvements.

Test your visual and audio memory skills with this free game. Follow the sequence I Say to you by tapping on the colored blocks after seeing what I Say.

The blocks are highlighted each time you tap a block. You get a higher score as you follow longer sequences. Get a high score to get on the Top 10 list, and compare your score with your friends.

You can choose different levels of speed: Slow, Normal, and Fast. You can also choose between two sets of Sound Effects: Xylophone and Animals.

How many can you get in a row? Find out with “I Say”!

Note, this application is FREE and is supported by our sponsors. After the game ends, you may see a non-intrusive advertisement.

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