I’m Boss

This app is a game that become the boss, defeat the enemy aircraft approaching.

The boss lived quietly in a far distant the galaxy.
Suddenly, the people who were riding in a fighter came in hordes to attack one day had been living in harmony with his wife and children.
“I just look like a bad guy … I just have not done anything wrong!”
The boss got angry. He was did decided to fight to protect their identity, and in order to protect his wife and children.

[How to play]
continue to shoot down enemy planes that come attacking.
There are three methods of attack.

– fire a barrage (a lot of bullets) by tracing the left half of the screen.
Shoot down enemy aircraft in trumps.
– attacked by tentacles boss quickly double-tap the left half of the screen.
Attack at once and focused on enemy aircraft.
– Press and hold to start the laser filling the boss, to release the laser away.
Enemy aircraft disappears from the universe.

Enemy aircraft may drop a keepsake.
Let me just so rare collection in the neighborhood boss live.

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