I Hate My Boss!

I hate my boss. No really, I hate my boss. The other day he actually had the nerve to call me into his office and start yelling at me for basically not doing his job for him. So while he was going off on me I drew a picture for this game, acting like I was taking notes. It has helped me blow off steam when he is being a jerk and hopefully it can help you too.

So here’s the deal, “The Boss” hides in the cubicles and comes marching across the cube hallway and you have to throw one of 4 items at him to get points. In the four corners of the screen icons for each of the 4 items will appear randomly. There is a coffee cup, a keyboard, a phone, and a red stapler. Get more points for smaller items and for hitting “The Boss” further away. Also there is the awesome and fun stapler bonus! Hit “The Boss” with the stapler and get a paintball gun to splatter him up with.

Score as many points as you can in 2 minutes and post your results to either OpenFeint or Facebook or Both!!

Hope you have as much fun as I have throwing stuff at “The Boss”, every time I have to sit and listen to my boss now I act like I’m checking my email in the meeting and I just play the heck out of this game. Have Fun!

Check the website for more fun info and the “Career Suicido-Meter” at:


OpenFeint and Facebook enabled!

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