HyperBowl Forest

Enjoy rolling through the idyllic forest of the third original HyperBowl lane, but don’t take it too easy – you have to jump the stream to reach the pins!

Swipe the screen to push the bowling ball forward, left, right, even backward. Double-tap the timer to pause. Also compatible with the iCade.

The original HyperBowl team:

J. Walt Adamczyk, Zoie Alandra, TJ Bordelon, Phil Britt, Phil Chu, Brian Johnson, Christine Kaneshige, Jon Kranc, Mike Peterson, Al Podrasky, Aaron Pulkka, Wendy Rosenthal, Cary Sandvig, Dave Spencer, Mike Swinney, Ed Trillo, Gene Turnbow, Phil Zucco

Built with the original HyperBowl arcade game assets, the Unity game engine, MacXWare Font Library, iCade plugin from Prime31 Studios, GUIKit001 from gameassets.net, Localization Package from M2H Studios, Transitions Manager from DFT Games, and the iTween library from pixelplacement.

HyperBowl is a trademark of Hyper Entertaiment, Plc.

Visit http://hyperbowl3d.com/ and the Facebook page http://facebook.com/hyperbowl for the latest information.

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