Learning should be fun! Try out lite version of Hurly-Burly! Full!

Игру Переполох на русском языке можно скачать здесь:

09/12/2010: Переполох is #1 in paid apps for kids in russian appstore!

10/12/2010: Переполох featured in what’s Hot and New and Noteworthy!

Educational app developed by parents for toddlers!

-Cute clickable animated animals
-Funny click-and-drag tasks: bring the right baby to its mom!
-Dozens of animal sounds and more!
-Special backgrounds: animals are shown in their normal environment
-Rewards! Kids get a sticker reward after each level
-Created for preschoolers: no confusing menus and navigation buttons (For parents: press Fn button to access the menu)
-Corrections: the task is repeated if necessary
-Designed for unassisted play
-Unlimited play mode

Hurly-Burly! is a new version of classic iPhone matching games still a better one. We eliminated the pretty annoying flip-flop cards; the principle of the tasks remaining original: finding a matching pair, or bringing the mom to its cub. This is not an easy task as your toddler will need to choose one of three lovely animals! For the right choice your kid will be rewarded with a funny sticker; following the wrong choice the baby-animal will simply return home! Your kid will immediately fall in love with the cute and funny animated characters of the game, its sound track making it easy to learn names of domestic animals and their sounds.

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