Hunters 2

Universal Game Center Rating: 12+

Hunters 2 is a game from Rodeo Games, originally released 22nd March, 2012


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Hunters 2 Review

We love strategy games, and the iOS platform seems like it was tailor made for the genre. While the first Hunters was an exciting entry in the category, not having a campaign mode was a bit of a disappointment. Thankfully, Rodeo Games has somewhat rectified this oversight with the sequel, and Hunters 2 is a game that turn-based strategy fans will be happy to own.

In Hunters 2 you play a mercenary team in the far future, where corporations own and run everything, even planets, and you take whatever job comes your way– as long as the price is right. The missions have variety, like protecting a group of scientists, searching for lost artifacts, or simply killing everything in your path. You’ll find yourself fighting against competing mercenaries and sometimes even a planet’s indigenous lifeforms.

We’ll get someone to clean up all the blood.

You start every mission choosing your team members and what weapons and armor they may bring along. Not every member, nor armament, is right for the job, so it’s up to you to figure out which is best. At the end of every mission you’re awarded money which you can use to buy new weapons, armor, hire new members, or even make your own custom items. Team members gain experience as they progress, and leveling up allows you to give your guys new skills, like learning heavy weapons or healing, or to improve stats like doing more damage or being more accurate. The deep customization of your characters is something we really enjoyed playing around with.

Unlike the first game, Hunters 2 has a story mode, but unfortunately it is very short. It is a fun story though, full of twists and turns and changing alliances and mysterious motivations. As an incentive to play through it more than once, beating the game on different difficulty levels will net you some pretty cool loot. All that swag and experience can be used in the second part of the game, the daily contracts. Every 24 hours, brand new contracts appear and you pick and choose which ones you want to take. They all have different objectives and goals, and you can get bonuses for achieving certain accomplishments, like not taking any damage. These constantly changing, daily missions can give you an almost endless game life.

Spill enemy blood on beautiful alien plant life.

The interface is simple and effective. You tap on a character to select him, and his movement range is presented in a series of slightly transparent squares. To attack an enemy, simply tap on him once to select and another to strike. You can zoom in and out of the screen, and even rotate the screen to get a better perspective on things.

The presentation here is simply top notch. The menus are simple and easy to read, the graphics are gorgeous, and the sound effects are fantastic. Machine guns fire with a sexy rat a tat tat, flame-throwers roar with power, and hammers pound through armor and bone with a satisfying thud and crunch. A bleak and desolate future has rarely looked or sounded so nice.

Hunters 2 is an exciting and ambitious strategy game with deep RPG elements. If you don’t mind a short campaign mode, then the ever-changing missions, fun character customization, and awesome presentation will keep you coming back on a daily basis.