Hunt and Snap

Scavenger Hunts date back to the stone age, when one caveman would challenge his cave neighbor to see who could find an orange dinosaur egg first. We have advanced slightly in the past 20 million years, man now walks upright, and carries an iphone.

Hunt and Snap is a scavenger hunt game that allows players to compete with their facebook friends to find items on a list. Hunts can be created and played on either the facebook app, or through the iphone app. A play in either place, will result in a play at both places.

Scavenger hunts consist of 10 items. These can be RANDOM, or you can PICK 10 from a list, or they can be THEMED. Once you have a list you are happy with, choose the duration of the hunt, anywhere between a day, and 2 weeks. Then gather some friends to play with you. The app taps into your facebook friends list to challenge others to find the items on the list. You can challenge 1 person, for a head to head competition, a few close friends, or every friend you have for a massive game. Players will receive a notification of the challenge, and can begin finding and uploading photos right away.

Players can compete in more than one hunt at a time, they will see a list of hunts they are currently competing in, the time remaining, and the items remaining. Once an item is found, click the item, and they will have the chance to snap a photo, or upload from their album. Players will also have a chance to view and judge other players photos within that hunt, to ensure that the item uploaded is correct. Just click the gavel icon in the hunt, and you are the judge.

When a hunt is completed, the scores are tallied, and awards are handed out. These can be seen from the Trophy case. Its all about bragging rights and beating your friends. Hunt and Snap is a fun and engaging game that gets you out of your chair and out in the real world to find items.


A Facebook account is a key element to playing this game. It allows a player to challenge his or her friends to compete in a scavenger hunt. You will be asked to login through Facebook connect at the start of the app. If you have not accessed Facebook from your mobile device, you will receive an email from Facebook verifying you want to use a mobile device.


Hunt and Snap relies on network connectivity to upload photos of items found in a scavenger hunt. You will need to be connected to the internet for the app to function properly. Edge, 3G or Wifi.


If you are using an ITouch or IPad, please ensure it is equipped with a camera to take advantage of all of the apps features.


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