HungryLion Puzzle

Hungry lion is a puzzle game full of action and adventure.

You play as unicorns and your aim is to capture the lion. The lion is hungry and ferocious and will attack you as soon as it gets a chance. So beware!

There are 5 maps:

Water of Life
Heat of Desert
Ruins of Temple
Gates of Castle
Mystery of Caves

Each map has 6 levels.

We also have colorful, more powerful unicorns which would be locked initially. Keep playing to unlock these magically colored unicorns. As mentioned in the rules of the game, after earning a certain number of stars in 6 levels of a map, you can unlock the unicorn of that map!

The game is a nice brain teaser puzzle game. The puzzle is about capturing the lion. You will be having a certain track on which the unicorns can walk. The point on the track marked by stones are the vertex points where any animal can rest. You can move your unicorns by selecting the unicorn and then selecting the stone. The constraint of the puzzle game is, you can move any unicorn only to adjacent point on the track. Lion has the same constraint, but there’s an exception in this brain teaser game. When unicorn is standing adjacent to lion, and there’s and empty point behind the unicorn in a straight line, lion will jump and kill the unicorn. And hence, this is your challenge in the puzzle. You need to avoid such situations, or back up your unicorn with another unicorn. So keep moving your unicorns until you reach a position where lion has got nowhere to move!

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