Hungry Shark Attack 2 Free : Under Pirate Cove – The shark adventure game

Hungry? Well you’re a Shark so… ALWAYS!

It’s tough at the bottom of the ocean and you’re stuck in a feeding frenzy. Choose a Pirate Shark like Jed, Tiger ,Jeff or Hook and try to eat all the fish you can before someone eats you! See the sights below Pirate Cove while munching on the cute and tasty little fishes. But beware! Some of those fishes aren’t so small and they’re definitely not cute!!

Look out for the ghost ship and keep an eye out for the pirate treasure, it may just fall on your head….?

Show off your superior, shark, swimming skills and dodge enemy jelly fish, pirate treasure and other sharks as you navigate the depths of Pirate Cove.


– Exciting gameplay that gets faster and more furious
– Ultra tight controls
– Swim the depths of Pirate Cove
– Get rich eating fish and access cooler shark characters
– Game Center integration
– Stunning theme music and sound effects!
– Ever-changing gameplay – never the same game twice


*Here’s how the game works:*

* Gameplay is simple but becomes more challenging as you avoid obstacles.

* Slide your thumb or a finger on your Shark at the left of the screen to move forward, back, up and down to avoid oncoming enemy sharks, fish, jelly fish and falling treasure.

* Eat little fish to unlock more mean shark characters.

* The longer you play, the faster the game moves. Each time you play Hungry Shark Attack 2: Under Pirate Cove, it changes so you never play the same game twice

* Gamecenter Leaderboards let you see how you score compared to other using your survival time and the number of fish you devoured.

* Challenge your friends to beat your score!

Have a Whale of a time!!

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