Hungry Monkey Jump

* “Hungry Monkey” is a funny game in which You have to satisfy his hunger by catching sweet bananas, apples that are falling from the trees of the jungle.

* But be careful because there are some obstacles to disturb you during catching fruits and you don´t want to touch them.

* Pay attention to some animals that won´t let you to eat quietly.

* Try to avoid them, don´t let them to hurt you.

* Watch your target score and your energy. To clear every level you have some target points. If you touch that target points then you can able to play next level.

* In 1st, 2nd level you can use direction buttons for moving & in 3rd level use jump button to jump & in 4th , 5th level you can use touch to jump your monkey.

* Eat the most fruits as possible!

* Take energy fruits for increase your energy label.

* Share your score on Facebook, twitter, and game center also.

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