Hungry Chameleons


“Haven’t been able to put this down since I downloaded it! Great fun!” -Spence

★★FREE for Limited Time During Launch★★

Hungry Chameleons – The Fun and Addictive Game Where You Use Your Finger To Eat Bugs, Get Special Abilities and Grow Your Chameleon From Baby to Vibrant Colorful Adult!

These hungry chameleons need to eat to become beautiful vibrant adult chameleons. The only thing standing in their way of growing up into bright multi-colored chameleons is eating enough food.

Flick out your chameleons tongue to capture their tasty insect food for hours of gameplay and replay. Use Boosters to give your chameleon special abilities to conquer each level as it gets progressively more difficult. Each new level requires speed and patience to eat their way to a bright and beautiful adulthood.

Game Features

➜ 8 Levels of Realistic Tongue Shooting Bug Grabbing Fun!
➜ Fun and energetic music!
➜ Super charge your chameleon with up to 12 special abilities!
➜ Avoid the “Spike Bugs” to get to the next level!
➜ Incredibly beautiful retina display graphics!
➜ Game Center Leaderboards!
➜ Interactive tutorial to learn how to play!

Eat Crazy Bugs! Complete all levels to watch your chameleon grow from a baby to a beautiful vibrant adult!

Coming Soon!

➜ Beautiful New Levels!
➜ Lots of new mystery chameleons!
➜ Additional Power-Ups!
➜ Rally Bonuses
➜ Much More

Download Hungry Chameleons today for FREE during our limited launch special!

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