Hungry Cat Dunk !

Ambitious work of ‘InfinityPocket’ that created the ʺ Flick Home run ! ʺ
Let’s control ‘Hungry Cat’ well and try to goal into the fish barrel !
This is new type of the physics game, which is mixed sports(Basketball, Billiard) and puzzles.

Our aim is many fish in the barrel.
Shoot into the barrel!
This is the only terms for the stage clear.
If you want to get high scores, try to earn coins and stars in the air.
If there are coins that can’t be earned then getting help from the ‘Black Cat’.
‘Black Cat’ has the power to absorb coins and stars around.


1. The wind strength and wind direction are the most important points!!
2. Earn stars and coins as many as possible in the air.
3. Use various features of stages:
Moving and rolling board, Pinball board that has large elasticity and Planets has strong gravity.

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