Hungry Ben HD Lite

In this game, your pets are hungry for Food and light. An interesting puzzle game designed to make you think in real terms of helping your Dogs to see Light and Food.

All you need to accomplish is to guide the ray of energy using reflector objects like mirror and torches to wirelessly transfer energy to the light the kennels and energize your dogs.

Try out this new conceptual puzzle and rattle your brains. It’s awesome to see how the dogs react when you show them the light in their Kennels.

Terrific 5 sets of 10 levels each makes this game a sure shot. Each level has time limit to complete the task, this makes it even better. Collect maximum bones to pass through the next levels.

Unlock the 5 bonus levels by collecting the special bones for your dogs.

Game Feature:

• 50 enthralling puzzle levels

• Color coded Light Targets

• 5 Bonus levels

• Awesome graphics and animation

• Cool studio sounds

• Awesome Achievements

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