Hungry Ants

****** Hungry Ants *****
“This game looks fun and addictive with its graphics and music. It should definitely be a good challenge and I can handle it. At least, I think I can. Hungry ants, prepare yourselves and bring it on. Hungry ants will attack on cake and you have to save cake form it and get higher score.

“Hungry Ants ‘ and will improve your reflex speed for sure.”
————————————————————————–Imagine you have some delicious cake and you don’t want to share those with ANTS!
But Ants are rushing to your foods! You have to save cake form those ants; the way to exterminate them is by moving cake with your finger. The more time you save the more points you gather. But, you are being timed so you. DON’T allow any Ants to eat you cake!!!