Human Remote Control

This app doesn't truly control humans and doesn't analyze the recipients. It is designed for entertainment purposes only.

This is one of the best and first apps of its kind. Download it today and check it out for yourself. Must try app.

Have you ever had to put up with an annoying friend or someone who is talking too much and bugging you? This person may be so annoying that they are driving you up the wall! During times like that, you might have wished for a remote control to control the person from talking, or even push him out of your sight. Well, here is the answer. Your long wait is over!

Point to the person you want to control and touch one of the 4 buttons (Shut up, Get Lost, Quiet Please, Topic Change), then the app sends a signal and command to the person. Additionally, the app analyzes the recipient and gives a funny message about that person and hilarious tips on how you can better control the person.

Moreover, you can secretly change the mode of app to friends mode by touching the "Human Remote Control" text. When the app is in friends mode, it doesn't send signal and commands. So, when your friends want to try this app, it won't work for them – it works only for you. You can find out the mode at any time by looking at the "settings" icon, and in this way you can also change the mode from normal to friends mode anytime.

With this app, you won't get bored in your classes or meetings, or in a house, a school, or an office. You can have fun with your friends, family, classmates, and colleagues.

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