Hum This!

Hum This! PREMIUM Is a social music charades game with a social conscience!

*************GET 1500 NOTES**************

*******By playing Hum This! you are supporting War Child and music charity Nordoff Robbins to help change childrens lives.********

*****Official Partners, O2 and Ticketmaster****

It couldn’t be simpler:

1. You start a game by creating a team-mate with a friend or random user

2. Choose from categories a song or TV theme tune to hum (or whistle, or la).

3. You have ten seconds to give the best performance of the song you can (remember no words!).

4. Your friend receives your recital, and gets to guess the name of the song, using multiple choice.

5. Now it is your friends turn!

The aim of the game is to try and score the highest (Hum Run) tally of correctly guessed songs as possible without passing!

Hum This is a ground-breaking cause related initiative created by Digital Giving supporting War child and music industry charity Nordoff Robbins.

Loads of fun updates coming soon plus categories and songs updated weekly.

Features include:

· Connect via Facebook or Email

· 1,000’s of songs to choose from

· Unlock new categories and songs.

· Send and Share – Share your hum with your social networks

· ‘Bank’ and save Hum runs.

· Win fantastic prizes each month!

· Global leaderboard

· Receive 1600 notes

· Help support Nordoff Robbins and War Child to change children’s lives.

· Offical partners O2 and Ticketmaster

Categories include:

· 2000-2011 Smash Hits

· Greatest Love Songs

· 80’s Greatest Hits

· Boybands and Crushes

· Rock Anthems

· Girl Power (Taylor,Gaga, Katy)

· Hip Hop’s Finest

· Dance Anthems

· American Tv Shows

· Bollywood

· Children’s TV (UK)

· Country’s Biggest Hits

· Latin Hits

· Reggae Party

· Rat Pack

· Showtunes

· Greatest Metal Songs

· Grunge/Indie/Alt Rock

· Greatest Motown Songs

· Classic Country

· Greatest Punk Songs

Digital Giving are a for-profit company creating and investing in projects that entertain and educate whilst benefiting great national and international causes.

Hum This! supports the amazing work of Nordoff Robbins and War Child.To learn more please visit

This is a Digital Giving Production

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