“Huarongdao” was originally a geographical names in ancient China, more than 1300 years ago, after Cao Cao’s defeat in the Chibi, the army retreated to the North, however, Wu and Shu coalition established an ambush here, Lucky was one of the generals – Guan Yu, Cao Cao’s earlier kindness with gratitude, active withdrawal of battle, Cao Cao’s army to safe passage.
The slider game,on the background, first appeared in ancient China “rearrange Kau Kung”, and with the Rubik’s cube, independent diamond chess called “intellectual game three peaks”.
On the basis of this game in General slider game, fully embodies the Chinese classical elements and style, interface is fine, strong sense of history, and in touch with your travels in China’s ancient battlefield.
Game includes multiple classical layout, challenge your mental limits, so you best play.

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