MyMemoryMad – The Ultimate Brain Test – FREE!

How smart are you?

– Absolute Genius
– Superior Brain
– Quite Bright
– Just Average
– Not Very Smart
– Borderline Moron
– Brainless Zombie

Take the Ultimate Brain Test and find out now!

Get your friends, family and workmates to take the brain test.

Compare the results and find out who is the smartest in your social group!

– Simple, fun and extremely addictive.
– Score assessment – Find out whether you’re an Absolute Genius or a Brainless Zombie or in between.
– Compare your results with friends and family.

BEWARE: This Brain Test is addictive. You’ll come back wanting to be the best!

So what are you? An Absolute Genius or a Brainless Zombie? Take the Brain Test and find out now!

– Players are required to remember and repeat a sequence of flashes.

– The Brain Test comprises of five colored buttons. Each button produces a different sound as they flash.

– Level 1: One random button will flash. The player will need to repeat the flash by touching the button.

– Level 2: Two random buttons will flash in a sequence. The player will need to repeat the sequence by pressing the buttons in the order they flashed.

– The Brain Test will continue with an additional random button flashing for each subsequent level.

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