★★★ One of the 10 winners of “Hong Kong Game Development Award 2012” ★★★
★★★ Link: ★★★

★★ What’s New: Tutorial added! ★★
★★ What’s New: Game Center, sharing with Facebook and Twitter! ★★
★★ What’s New: Newly added speed button and music button, animations also improved! ★★

HOTPOT is a brand-new board game app for all hotpot lovers! Newly designed rules! Newly designed cards! Newly designed artworks! Please support original design!

You don’t need to set up anything, but please be patient while you are learning the rules of a new game. Remember, every game has its rules, and every good game has its good rules, so does this game.

This hotpot meal is free! Everyone can EAT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. However, the food is limited, and the food placed by you in the hotpot maybe EATEN BY OTHER PLAYERS, so please place your food WISELY!

• Simple Game to Play
• Concise Rules
• Originally Designed Artwork
• Cooperative Game
• Highly Interactive
• Opponents Vary from 1 to 3 Players
• Easy and Hard AI Level
• Support Retina Display
• Game Statistics
• Support Game Center
• Support Sharing with your Facebook
• Support Sharing with your Twitter
• Game Tutorial


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