Hot Seat

HotSeat is a trivia game with a twist!

If you like social gaming, trivia games, or both, you’ll enjoy HotSeat! In HotSeat, you score points by answering questions correctly, but also by knowing whether your opponents will answer correctly.

✓ Over 800 questions on science, literature, celebrities, history, math, TV, sports, and more!
✓ Additional question packs available.
✓ Innovative scoring algorithm with multiple ways to gain or lose points.
✓ Designed to play around the table or with strangers on the other side of the world.
✓ Purchased question packs are available for use with other players whether they have purchased them or not.
✓ Gamecenter integration lets you to challenge your friends and/or random opponents.
✓ Twitter integration allows you to post your victories to your Twitter account.

★★★★★ “One of the most innovative trivia games we’ve ever played.”

★★★★★ “A trivia game that makes the most of the iPhone’s capabilities.”

Each player takes turns in the HotSeat. When you’re in the HotSeat the goal is simple – answer the question correctly. If you’re not in the HotSeat, it’s a whole different game. If a difficult question comes up, chose a low confidence level and get points when the player in the HotSeat gets it wrong (or lose points if the HotSeat player gets it right). If an easy question comes up, chose a high confidence level to minimize the number of points the HotSeat player receives and maybe make a few for yourself. Playing with friends adds a whole new dimension, as you’ll be able to draw on your knowledge of what your friends know (or don’t know). The multiple ways to win and lose points mean HotSeat requires more strategy than any trivia game you’ve played before. You’ll even need Different strategies for two-player and more than two player games.

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