horse festival for kids

horse festival for children

Available languages: english – french – italian – German – Swedish – Dutch – Spanish – Polish – Czech – Portuguese

Please note, this game is made especially for children. Its graphics are colorful, the difficulty is low and is for young audiences. It is not suitable for adults.

Find three games in one:

– A bowling game
– A game of one-armed bandit
– A game of shooting ducks

Each game includes 20 levels for each level completed your child wins an image that adds to his collection of photos. In the end he will win 60 images of horses. He can see his photos from his collection.

The difficulty is provided for the youngest!

Game Type: casual game

– 3 simple and fun games
– Three difficulty levels
– Intuitive control, simple interface
– Automatic backup of progression.
– Growth awarded 60 photos
– 20 Levels to do for fun
– Simple games for younger children where he can play without your help
– Gameplay and graphics suitable for children

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