Horoscope 2013 and Fortune Telling – Free

Anyone can be psychic with our App for iPhone and iPad. With Horoscope 2013 and Fortune Telling Free for iPhone and iPad you can easily get a clear answer to any question.

You can get free horoscopes 2013 for the next year or use tarot cards reading!

The free version of the application Horoscope 2013 and Fortune Telling features:
- Complete section Love & Relationship and interesting questions from 5 other areas
- Complete Test & Quiz section with 8 unique tests working on the unconscious level
- Three Application Themes – blue, modern and retro styles

The Horoscope 2013 and Fortune Telling Application is the latest idea of visionary prophet, Stanley Bradley. In the summer of 2000 Stanley Bradley was invited to appear live on radio Bonton, where he answered questions from the audience. Someone asked him what the disaster would be in the near future and where the terrorist attacks would take place. He replied that within a year there would be a terrorist attack in New York.

This is the first Tarot application for iPhone and iPad – unique tarot cards for beginners and professionals that will give you the exact answer to your question.

Great tests by Stanley Bradley are focused mainly on relationships. You can try them on an unconscious level in the section TEST & QUIZ. You will find out, how old you really are, how old you are compared to your partner, whether you are an adult, how you see your partner as a person, what your real age compare your job you are doing, etc.

Key features of Horoscope 2013 and Fortune Telling Free:
- The basis consists of an interpretation of 32 cards. The interpretation of 32 cards is possible from different numbers of cards one, two, five or more).
- Support for many users and an individual profile for each of them.
- History of interpretations including clarifying questions – Follow the progress of the answers to your questions.
- The possibility to ask additional and clarifying questions for every question and every interpretation of the cards.
- The possibility to create your own individual questions and your own list of answers (e. g. selection of lottery numbers, a children's school…)
- Free Horoscope 2013
- The possibility to choose between three Themes – blue, modern and retro with full Retina Display support.
- The possibility to choose from more back sides of the cards.
- The possibility to choose from two versions of cards (Stanley Bradley Original Tarot and modern schematic tarot cards)
- Horoscope 2013 and Fortune Telling Free is now a Universal app

If you would like to get answers to more questions, buy the full version of Horoscope 2013 and Fortune Telling. It contains more than 174 questions in all sections with more than 5000 clear answers to all of your life questions.

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