Hornet Jewel

Hornet jewel is a puzzle game with beautiful pictures.

It tells a story that in a magic forest, due to a curse set by an evil wizard, the magic island where hornets lived disappeared, and the insects on the island trapped magic imprisonment and dispersed in every corner of the world. They need your help!

With the help of hornets, you will travel through forest, tropical rain forest, desert, glacier, the deep place of the sea and other types of scenes to eliminate the magical imprisonment and rescue those insects on the island!

It is very easy to play. With a sensitive touch, you just need to find the same items (three or more ) in the adjacent areas and make them connect in a line with your finger to eliminate. With the idyllic pictures and casual background music, you will feel that you are in the magic island of the game personally.

It has two modes: the adventure and the survival mode

â—†Adventure mode
If you eliminate all kinds of obstacles in succession to get rid of the magic imprisonment and rescue the insects, you will pass. There are so many different levels with various scenes and brilliant special effects.

â—†Survival mode
The more connected number of the items, the higher of the scores obtained. If you get the specified scores within the set time, you will pass. The game is exciting and challenging.

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