Hope: The other side of adventure

Games are about adventure. That’s why you usually incarnate a brave prince who must go through a great journey full of enemies, fights, puzzles and secret passages in order to rescue a helpless princess locked up on the top of the enemy’s hightest tower. It’s looks like fun, doesn’t it? But how about living that great adventure from another point of view? How about being the princess?

Hope will not leave anyone indifferent. Starting with the concept itself, it’s more of an interactive experience than a videogame, bringing a whole new perspective over the classical motif of the hero rescuing the damsel in distress. For the first time ever, you will see the game universe through the eyes of the archetypical frail princess, incarnating her during the whole adventure. Loneliness, fear, boredom, anxiety… Will the Prince make it? Did he perish in the underwater level? How many lives does he have left?

In Hope the player’s actions are limited by the character’s confinement. There is not much to do in the damp tower you’re trapped in besides walking, sighing and crying. And sleeping at night, of course. Nothing you can do will affect the development of the story, although you may find a way to know about the Prince’s journey. You may also be able to find out about the Princess’ background, that part of the tale nobody ever cares about. And of course, there will be an ending, although it may not look as heroic from this point of view… or does it?

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