Hook Worlds

Game Center Rating: 9+

Hook Worlds is a game from GameClub, originally released 16th December, 2010


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Hook Worlds Review

On the App Store, the growing expectation is that every game you download has to have gobs of levels, endless replayability, cutting-edge graphics and sound, and cost 99 cents. Or better yet, make it free. Hook Worlds, from Rocketcat Games, is extremely well-produced, but it’s a Fun Size snack instead of a King Size belly-buster.

For just a buck, you’ll get four different types of “running man” endless high-score games (one of which is an incentive only available to early buyers). The value of that purchase shouldn’t be understated– that’s four quarters, each giving you a well-made high-score game.

Back in my day, we had to swing both ways, uphill in the snow.

Each bite-sized minigame stars a character from the outskirts of Hook Champ or Super QuickHook. The first world features grizzled “Gramps” Hooker, who has to outrun a chaser like Jake did in Hook Champ. His level is deliberately easy, and we found it to be a dull race without any of the character progression of previous Rocketcat games.

Next is Zelle the Bounty Hunter’s world, where you can shoot straight ahead in addition to swinging. We loved this set of levels– the combat is like a souped-up version of Monster Dash, and the difficulty level felt perfect. Fighting ghosts and giant crabs is a lot more fun to us than just running and swinging for our lives.

The third world should interest anyone who’s a fan of Gravity Runner or Monorace. It’s a futuristic running game where you have to flip gravity and swing as you avoid the gnome police. Swinging while upside-down is mind-blowing, and extremely difficult for amateurs.

Gnome on the run.

The fourth level, a retro throwback to Hook Champ, is only available if you buy the game in the first few days. After that, it may be available as a downloadable purchase. Hook Champ 1000 has a cool art style, but the gameplay isn’t anything exciting.

Of these four minigames, we really only loved Zelle’s run-and-gun levels. It’s finely tuned, and a different take on the genre for us. The other worlds, while beautifully detailed and randomly generated, couldn’t hold our interest for long.

Can’t arrr-gue with that pistol!

Hook Worlds is missing all of the exploration, level progression, and online challenges that made Super QuickHook our Game of the Month back in June. These four little games are each fun for a quick minute or two, but we’ve come to expect much more depth, even for a buck.

If you love endless running games like Monster Dash, you should definitely purchase Hook Worlds. At four running games for a dollar, it’s a great deal. But don’t expect any of those mini-worlds to last you through a long bus or plane ride– five minutes is all you’ll need.