Hook Champ

Retina screen support, flip screen option, bugfixes, and more!
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5 out of 5 score on Appvee.com!
4 out of 4 score on Slidetoplay.com!
Featured in the Best of 2009 for Toucharcade.com!
Featured under “Best Swinging Game” by Apple!

Read to the bottom for update news.

Hook Champ is a physics platformer about using a grappling hook to swing through haunted ruins at high speeds. Designed for immense replay value, Hook Champ features a retro style and the most hat fashion customization of any game on the market.

Check out our youtube trailer, lite version link, and more at http://www.rocketcat-games.com/hook/


– Easy to learn, with a seamless tutorial: Swing, walk, and leap to victory!

– Local, Global, and OpenFeint High Score boards for every single level! Beat developer scores for surprises!

– Total OpenFeint Support: Achievements! Ghost Race Challenges! Leaderboards, including Most Coins Board!

– Character Upgrades and Collectibles: Spend your loot on character upgrades and fancy hats!

– Pick up and Play: After closing the app for any reason, resume your game exactly where you left off.

– Supports playing your own music! Play music from your own library, or use ours.

– Varied Levels: Each level has its own special gameplay challenges.

– Unlocks: Get new Challenge Levels, new characters, and more for progressing in the game!

– Fast load times: Detailed “Pixel graphics” technology allows the average load time to be about a second!


Update 5 submitted! New features:

– New Music! Includes the long requested addition of level music!
– 4 new hats, related to our upcoming game Super QuickHook.
– Performance tweaks! Mostly related to sound performance.
– The triumphant return of Pro Mode.
– Various other tweaks/bugfixes.

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