Honey Tales

We are on TOP of Russian AppStore!
TOP 1 – Kids!
TOP 5 – Arcades!
TOP 7 – Games!
TOP 14- Overall!

In order to selebrate it we make 50% discount on Honey Tales HD for iPad! Take it and enjoy!
Enjoy a wonderful adventure of a little Piggy and his friend Bear, who loves honey very much!

All bears strongly love honey, and our – is not an exception! It’s so great that he has a very good friend, which can help him!

Bear decided to fly on the top of the tree on a balloon to collect some honey for him and his friend, but unfortunately he has no balloons. But his friend has!

Help little Piggy to ride a balloon and deliver it to the Bear. And don’t forget to collect some honey! You can eat it, but you also can buy lots of useful things in the shop! Beware of evil bees and difficult obstacles!

But it’s only a part of game!!!

When a Bear almost on the top – he suddenly found, that bees started attacking him! Who can help him? That’s right, his faithful friend! He gets a riffle from the shop and now he can shoot bees!

Protect Bear from evil bees and don’t let him fall down!

+ TWO wonderful arcades in one
+ Shooting and running tasks
+ Colorful comics included
+ Improvable menu. Make your menu look special!
+ Updates and new free mini-games – coming soon!

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