Honey Bee's Great Escape – Best Super Fun Free Puzzle Game for Kids & Adults

★ Loved by ALL!!! Top PUZZLE game in 20 Countries! ★ Thousands of downloads from ALL over the world! ★

See if you can outsmart the HONEY BEE! There is a Honey Bee trying to escape from doing any work in the hive. He wants to get out of the hive to the outside world and just play! But there is still much work to do to make great tasting honey. Your job is to keep the Honey Bee from escaping by tapping on the honeycombs that the bee wants to fly to – thereby preventing him from getting to the edge of the screen and flying AWAY! Remove enough honeycombs to trap the Honey Bee and keep tapping until you have him on just ONE honeycomb – which will prevent him escaping.

It is a great puzzle game with many levels so you will be challenged for hours!

And it is a great game to teach your kids how to think 2 or 3 steps ahead!

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