Homerun Mania!

Swing for the fences with Homerun Mania!

Homerun Mania! is designed to perfect the swing that will make the baseball fly right off the bat and into the stands. This game is a simple, classic, arcade style game with effortless 1 touch controls.

This is reminiscent to Home Run Derby action, just like the pros. Homerun Mania! is easy to learn yet challenging to master because TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

You can choose from 4 characters and 4 bat colors to make the perfect player.

So choose your character, grab your bat and step right on up to the plate. This is your game now. OWN IT, LOVE IT, HIT IT…. How many home runs will you hit today?

Record your scores with Game Center and watch your Homerun numbers climb to the very top. Who will you beat out for that number one spot?

If you want to go yard like your favorite pro baseball athlete, upgrade to Homerun Mania!

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