Home – a Unique Horror Adventure

**** NOTE: Requires iPad 2 or newer; iPad Mini; iPod Touch 4G or newer; iPhone 4 or newer. ****

- Computer and Videogames

Home is a unique horror adventure set in a beautifully-realized pixel world. It’s a murder mystery with a twist—because you decide what ultimately happens.

Awakened by an oncoming storm, you open your eyes to discover yourself in a strange, dark room—tucked away in a house that’s not yours.

As you play the game, it changes—subtly, almost imperceptibly—to reflect your perspective. It’s a horror game unlike any other, and as you’ll discover, its truths are entirely subjective.



- an intimate, story-based adventure
- a horror tale that you help determine
- haunting, atmospheric soundtrack
- gorgeous illustrative pixel style



“A sophisticated, horrifying narrative experiment.”
- The Verge/Polygon

“Keeps you intellectually engaged even when you aren’t playing it.”
- Gamespot

“[Home] serves as a great reminder of what older games once taught us.”
- Joystiq

“Leaves one mulling its final moments well after the credits have rolled.”
- Torontoist

Home - a Unique Horror Adventure Review

Home holds many secrets, but its subtitle has no hidden meaning: This really is no average horror game. It's more like a choose-your-own-adventure story that you can walk around in and inhabit for the hour or so it takes to complete. And while I didn't find the story wholly satisfying, the creepy atmosphere and the branching choices made me want to play through it again as soon as I finished. The game is a beautifully Read More →