HoldEm Poker Stats

Hold’em Poker Stats is the most advanced poker statistics calculator on iPhone. It’s fully dynamic, and very detailed in order to help the poker player evaluate the strength of his hand, anytime during the game.
Every Hold’em poker player already ask hiself, « How many chances do I have to get my straight at the turn ? and at the river ? » Hold’em Poker Stats answers all of your Math questions, and even more, saving you from headaches.
As the cards are drawn to the board, the player can use his iPhone to evaluate the power of his hand at any time.
Actually this app is the only one able to calculate the chances regarding to each possible poker hand ( pair, straight…. ) for each round of the game (flop, turn and the river).
Powered by a bulletproof mathematic engine, holdem Poker stat is optimized to calculs all the probabilities in an eyelid blink.
This app is also designed to maximize ergonomics, and to present results and card in a cute user interface.

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